I have provided questions and answers that are frequently asked and to help potential clients. If you have any further questions, let's talk.

  • 1. What services do you provide?

    I provide creative design solutions, starting with a unique branding identity design that differentiates from the competitors. My creative design strategies helps clients achieve their goals and maximising their profits.

    I’ve listed a range of design services that I offer here.


  • 2. How much does it cost to hire you?

    I wish there is a straight answer to this, however design services are not so easily quantifiable as requirement varies for each and every project.

    I have two types of billing depending on your design job:

    1) Net Price - per-project price, pre-determined at the start of the project or
    2) Hourly rated - billed according to the time utilised. Clients are updated regularly on their project by our time-log and status reports.

    Send me an email outlining your requirement so that I can arrange time to talk in more detail.


  • 3. Can you start right away?

    I intent to focus with the current clients and to give full attention on their project so that I can achieve the best for them. And yes it is possible to start right away if you send me an email to check my avaibility.


  • 4. How long does take to complete the project?

    Generally brand identity design can take weeks or months and it all depends on the project requirements, however at least 3 weeks is required to make sure the appropriate research is achieved and to create a perfect design outcome.


  • 5. What does the process involve?

    After compiling the necessary information from the client, that will assess in creating a clear brief and scheduling design process. Here are the design process;

    1. Compiling right information  2. Preparing a clear brief  3. Agreeing on the proposal  4. 50% deposit  5. Research & Brainstorming  6. Sketching  7. Rendering  8. Presentation  9. Revising and finalising  10. Supplying artwork  11. Support & maintenance service.


  • 6. What exactly do I receive?

    Firstly the client receives a pdf documentation of the brief, secondly a presentation of the designs and the alternative deliverable options which varies depending on the client needs. Finally supplying the client with all of the necessary artwork based on the original agreement. Making sure that everyone is happy I offer further support to attain client satisfaction.


  • 7. Can you make my design similar to that?

    It is not good ideas to manipulate on the exist design, as it will not benefit in building popularity. You will be remembered as look like branding, but rather much more rewarding is to have a unique design that will differentiates from others.


  • 8. What if I don’t like what you design?

    This is rare and usually it takes a number of discussions and design submissions before the client approves the final concept. Ultimately I always ensure that the clients walk away satisfied and I only feel comfortable when i know that i have achieved the best of my capability within the confines of the timescale, brief and budget provided.


  • 9. Have you worked in our industry before?

    I have worked for many business industries and every company has its own aims and objectives that makes theirs unique. I can adapt my skills to any industry, but the most important thing is to understand what makes your company different and usually that solves the initial process of establishing a unique designs.


  • 10. Can you help us with printing process?

    There are two types of printing machinery; litho and digital, both methods of printing has it's own standard quality. But finding the right printing company can be tricky and frustrating. With years of experience, I can manage the whole process from specification to creating print ready for artwork, receiving and checking proofs and ensuring a quality end result.


  • 11. How do you accept payment?

    With any projects usually i request a 50% downpayment to start the work. I accept payment via bank transfer. Details are included in my initial proposal and the rest 50% due will be paid upon completion of the project, provided with the final artwork.