Project: Typographic Awareness

Purpose: Briefly the project centers around the view that typography as a discrete subject is no longer being taught in same way it used to be and that general appreciation and standards of typography have declined. Giving the subject greater exposure will help raise the level of awareness amongst students and teaching staff who will, hopefully, realise that it is, as some have called it, the single most important aspect of graphic design.

Assignment: The project is called Type Coach and is an entry for the International Society for Typographic Designers (ISTD) annual competition. The brief proposes a "Type Coach", a coach which will take a number of the world's leading practicing typographers and typographic designers on a tour of the UK and Ireland. Pre-arranged venues will be booked for lectures and workshops. This coach needs to be promoted and needs a visual identity and appropriate publicity.

Visual Concept: My concept and visual identity of the project was simply. So the aim of the typographers is to revive the knowledge of typography, therefore I have decided to brand the typographers as "revivalist". I have create a simply design concept to promote and represent the typographers and my design concept has win the ISTD) annual competition.